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Virginia, Florida, Georgia

NO Residential Services.

About Us

aboutpicThe business has been built on quality products and first class Installations and service to each and every one of our clients.

We are a Commercial Equipment Dealer & Installer.  We will only use our HD products for our services.

Simply Surveillance is the signature of quality for electronic digital surveillance products, systems and installations. In the year 2000, when digital surveillance started to gain momentum in the market, the cost of such systems was prohibitively expensive. Realizing the potential of electronic digital surveillance and its significant role in both home and commercial security, Simply Surveillance decided to make digital CCTV products ever more popular and affordable to all.

At Simply Surveillance, we have over 20 years of experience in CCTV and security monitoring solutions and installations. Our stellar Research and Development team keeps on designing many new inventions to meet the emerging needs for more and better security surveillance products. We understand your needs and provide practical and affordable solutions in response.

We have many distributors all over North America to deliver our products to customers.

Our Mission

We satisfy the market’s demand for quality security monitoring systems, products and services by providing affordable digital surveillance solutions for all kinds of home and business security needs.

We are an Installation and service company. We recommend a qualified installer for the equipment on this website.

We only sell commercial grade 1080p equipment! LEARN MORE