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Monthly  /Hosting & Warranty Plan / Maintenance

4 Ways to serve you

  • Assisted Monitoring ( PAY PER USEAGE )
  •  Internet Hosting
  • Maintenance
  •  Warranty Service’s

Prices are subject to change from customer to customer due to the price of your system. All Business plans start as low as $28.99 per month. Per plan.  NO Plans are Transferable. A new contract will need to be signed if you sell or relocate your business, with the new property Or New Owners.

 Assisted Monitoring Plan. -(However We do not Monitor any systems)First and foremost you must learn how to use your own equipment.  In the event you would need evidence of a event. Our server would link to your hub and retrieve information, process it, and enhance your event.  It will be copied and mailed to you in the form of a Flash Drive. We however will need indication from you (the owner) by email of Company Name, exact time & Date / Camera name or number of the event that occurred for file processing.  You may also send information thru our contact page on this site. ( Please Note) you may only get 1.5Hrs of footage Max. on any occurrence. THIS IS NOT PART OF ANY MONTHLY SERVICE. this is a bill per usage service. Because of some internet speeds a rep may need to visit your site.



Internet Hosting – We Keep your camera website up to date for your Cell phone & Tablet Apps,  and Inside Network applications. For those on the go and needing to  look in on your system from time to time our Hosting Program is just the thing for you. Makes your system viewable from most Computer’s and most all Smartphone’s & Tablets. Will cover up to 2 reconnects free per year in the event your internet service is lost. also any other smart phones you may have will add the app to it. Up to 10 phones. REMEMBER WE ARE NOT YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER,   without a proper working Internet service this will not work. For HD Customers Your Company will need a Minimum of 10MPS Upload speed to view on apps.    Remember we are NOT a Network company  Computer Programing is NOT our responsibility .  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INTERUPTIONS OF SERVICE OR CELLULAR UPDATES to your phone or Tablets. Their will be NO REFUNDS FOR ANY DISRUPTION OF THIS SERVICE, Your company’s payment is for hosting the website  ONLY.

 Maintenance Plan – Camera Lens Cleaning, DVR Fans all Power box fans & Bug Bombing service has a Once Or Twice a year visit Depending on your plan.   Most DVR’s will need Upgraded once a year . (without Maintenance plan they are   $ 129.99 each and service calls Start at $ 89.99 ) the best thing Most Upgrades can be preformed on-line.

Warranty Service’s
As long as Monthly Premiums are met your warranty is in affect. This covers ALL components purchased on your Invoice. (Except Monitor’s & Batteries & ANY UNDERGROUND CABLE.)This warranty covers equipment & labor to get you back up and running again . After the 10 year period it is strongly suggested to update equipment, if you have remained on this plan a discounted rate will apply to the updated equipment.

(However this does not cover Vandalism or acts of Nature of any kind).   Warranty plan must be purchased within 45 days of Invoice equipment date. Contracts are NOT Transferable. any transfers will be need a new contract signed,  and prices are subject to change. 

Any invoice paid without a service contract in place, We will provide 1 year of Warranty on Equipment, And 90 Days on Labor.

Credit OR Debit Cards Change’s will be contacted. upon receiving our report from the bank processor department. We Cannot change info until we receive our report.  Most Changes will result in new paperwork being signed and sent back in.

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We will only be available thru these times thru our contact page. to current customers ONLY.

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